20RBNS019 Nongshim, Bowl Savory Shrimp 3.03oz (12Packs) SRP2.99

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The savory shrimp bowl noodle soup emphasizes the shrimp flavor in a mild broth. Perfect for shrimp lovers. A Ramyun product that can be cooked with the microwave has been developed to give better taste to the consumer. This newly released Ramyun product does not contain any MSG with no trans fat to satisfy the needs of the consumer. The secret of cooking better taste of Ramyun lies in the high heat. If you cook Ramyun with the microwave, you can cook it in a higher temperature than the boiling water and you can enjoy better taste of Ramyun. The Savory line that Nongshim provides is the bowl noodle soup without the spiciness. If spicy foods are something you do not enjoy, then our savory flavors are for you! With its fresh and tasty shrimp ingredient, it will give you a different flavor and taste from other seafood products. NONGSHIM America is constantly innovating and researching to improve our products to enhance customer’s health & lifestyle. NONGSHIM America was given the “Chefs Best Award” 2003-2011 for its noodles’ superior taste, appearance, texture and flavor. We always strive to make our Bowl Noodle Soup to be the healthiest and most convenient meal or snack of its kind that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. All you add to the bowl is water and it may be prepared in 3 to 4 minutes. We give you the option to either add boiled water or stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Whether you are at home, at the office, traveling, camping, or on the go, these noodles are easy to make and leave you with a satisfying tummy that make you want more. The high-quality texture of our noodles stands out and we bring the best ingredients to the table. Try it for yourself.

  • Case of twelve, 3.03-ounce bowls (total 36.36 ounces)
  • Savory Shrimp Flavor with no added msg
  • Boil or Microwavable
  • 2003-2011 Chefs Best Award by American Culinary Institute
  • Made in USA


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